28 July 2015


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Original Post in 'theoutsiderlook.blogspot.com' - 30/07/2013 - Location: Dublin, Ireland

This week I was running out of day cream and I was in need to change my foundation colour, which is starting to get pretty dark for my complexion. And it came to my mind that I could actually use a BB cream. It's still summer and my skin doesn't need that much coverage. So why not go for it?

So on my last trip to my local Boots store I was on a quest to find the BB cream that would fit my skin perfectly. And that seems all fun and awesome, but trust me, finding a good one can take forever.

First of all, most BB creams that I tried in store had either strong scents or the colour didn't match me at all. I know that you shouldn't really test the products on the back of your hand, but when you are in a rush, that's all you have.

So, anyways, Boots was having a discount on this L'Oreal BB Cream (around 8€ for 50ml), and I thought I would give it a try. And my-oh-my. Since I got a slight tan, I went for the medium shade of the product and I tested on the back of my hand. The scent is mild and it kinda smells like a regular face cream. Also, there's no orangy shades at all which made me like it even better. The product spreads very nicely on the skin and blends into your natural skintone leaving no traces of application.

I've got sensitive combination skin and some small dark spots. Sometimes I find it hard to hide my dark spots, specially around my lips, which make me look like I have a moustache. But fear no more! This product makes them go away in a single application. How fab is that? No need for concealers or anything. The skin feels full of energy and soft to the touch.  After it dries, it doesn't transfer as well. It's just as if you have nothing at all. 

VEREDICT: i give it a 4* review for all the wonders it did to my skin. No more dry patches or extreme oiliness. Skin is balanced and supple. And I'm happy.

Product swatch:

Before & after the application. Pay special attention above my lips and my cheek dark spot (click to enlarge).

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