29 July 2015


An easy snack for babies and also for grown-ups. Just be sure of what kind of yogurt you use for your baby. 

 Check the recipe bellow

My baby is about to turn 9 months and she's been tasting new foods all the time as well as textures. I decided to go a step further today and made this desert with some fresh fruit I had in the fruit basket: peach. Luckily enough I also had a peach baby yogurt which made the recipe even better.

Don't forget to always give an gap of 3 days before introducing a new ingredient to your baby. Also, make sure the pieces of smashed fruit are smaller than a cheerio so the baby doesn't choke.

All you need to gather is some fresh or canned peach, rice (any kind of rice you prefer) and yogurt; in this case, baby yogurt.

In a pan with boiling water, boil 2 tablespoons of rice and one diced peach. Let it cook for at least 20 minutes so it becomes really soft. Check the cooking time of the rice you are cooking and add an extra 10 minutes on top of that so you are sure the grains are soft enough for the baby. When using brown rice, be careful, because the grain is harder to cook.

After it's cooked, drain the water and with a fork, smash into a chunky puree. If you think the peach is too stringy, puree with in the blender. Add the yogurt and mix. You can either serve it warm or cold. This recipe yields two baby portions.

As you can see, a full belly equals a good nap time :) Happy days! 

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