06 September 2015


Oh the drama of being away from your kids for the first time... Yes, it will put you tears in your eyes. And yes, it's good for them and for us parents.


For the first time Elise was away from me for the day and with people she hasn't been with before. Just the thought of it made me a bit reluctant about the idea of leaving her just like that. I was afraid they wouldn't know what she's used to on her every day life and truth is they don't. Even if you explain to them every detail.

I told the crèche workers about her habits and what makes her happy and ways to avoid crying (she barely cries). Truth is I feel they didn't listen to me at all, otherwise they would take note of what I was saying, specially when you have another 10 kids to take care of. That's what I didn't like about them in the first place. How professional is that? Just nodding with your head every time you where explaining her routine... But I told myself: fair enough. I convinced myself they know what they are doing, otherwise they wouldn't be in that job (hmmm... maybe).

At the end of the day Elise cried and I wasn't at all surprised. And she's not a cry baby at all. But she did. Just a bit. Not when I left, though. She was happy because she met new babies. And she loves children. She instantly crawled around the room to explore her new life and meet her new friends.

But during the day she missed me and all my cuddles. It's not the same when you have to share your cuddles with another 10 kids. And at almost 10 months-old, they are still needy. They need a shoulder where to fall asleep. They need someone to grab them when they feel lonely. The educators sometimes lack that special kind of affection and connection and babies feel left apart and that's why they cry. But it's ok. At the end of the day you will be there to take her home and give her all the love she deserves. You will definitely give more importance to hugs and kisses after you are left apart from your baby.

Honestly I didn't know what to expect from a crèche. What would Elise need during the day? What was she going to do? After all I'm a first time mom. I know nothing about new baby related stuff. So I questioned my friends about their kids experience and I got to the conclusion that some of them exaggerate on what they really put in their baby's bag. Why would I need to pack first aid stuff if the crèche should have those? Is a feeding bowl really needed? The answer is no.

Here I got a list of what you will really need for your baby:

- nappies (some people choose to take a full pack of nappies and drop it at the crèche so the educators have a big supply and they don't need to carry them all the time. I personally don't mind to pack around 5 of them every day)
- baby milk and bottle/water cup (if your baby is used to drink milk during the day, it's better you provide either breastmilk or formula and the bottle they are used to drink from. In my case, Elise drinks formula so I give them a container with the correct amount of formula and I write on a paper the amount of water they need to add to the powder)
- 2 changes of clothes (by now you should know babies are experts in getting dirty during the day. Be sure you also pack a cardigan and a pair of socks just in case they think it's cold and they might need them)
- baby wipes/nappy cream (because some crèches don't provide any and some babies are used to some special type of wipes/cream. Elise doesn't use nappy cream because she almost never gets a rash, but if it happens, they can always have easy access to it, if it's in her bag)
-  burp cloth OR baby's favourite sleeping item/favourite toy (Elise finds it easier to fall asleep while having a burp cloth next to her face and hands)
- pacifier (because you know your baby can't really go through the day without it)

And that's what your baby will actually need during the day. The next list shows you what's optional or secondary:
- feeding spoon/fork/knife (honestly, they don't need this. You don't really go to a restaurant and carry your own cuttlery with you, right?)
- feeding bowl (see previous entry)
- pacifier clip (just in case your baby keeps dropping it and so it doesn't get lost in the crèche)
- bibs (some crèches provide disposable ones so you might not need them)
- teething toys (honestly I didnt pack Elise's ones because other kids could get them too. It's best if you let your baby use their fingers and toys from the crèche)
- snacks/extra food (in case you see they are hungry after you pick them up or you need to go somewhere before heading home)
- hat (in case they have outside activities and your crèche doesn't provide one)
- sunscreen (honestly, our babies are not Dracula so they will survive without their sunscreen during their 30 minute outdoor activity)
- medication (if your baby needs it)
Bag from Zara

And what about you guys? Do you have any recommendations? Tell me your crèche experience down bellow.

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